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ABIT Stitches

Welcome to the potty, Pal - Die Hard 'Welcome to the party, Pal' Christmas Movie Parody Advanced Cross-Stitch Pattern

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Yippee Ki-Yay, Father Christmas! Yes, it IS a Christmas stitch!

You know how people will Die Hard - with all it's Christmas music (the entire score, people!), decorations, and jokes - and still have the audacity to say it's not a Christmas movie? Well, this cross-stitch pattern is not for them - it's for you! More specifically, it's for your bathroom!

'Welcome to the potty, Pal!' is a twist on John McClane's classic line "Welcome to the party, Pal!" and measures 7" by 8.5." It is categorized as "Advanced" on the ABIT difficulty scale because of the size, density, number of colours, and the very detailed leaves. It requires an 11"x12" piece of 14ct Aida cloth and an 8" x 10" frame.

If you'd prefer the original quip, we have also included the letters required to change the design to "Welcome to the party, Pal!" Don't say we never gave ya nothin'!

This pattern is endorsed both by Hans Gruber and the ghost of Alan Rickman (RIP King). Santa Claus likes it, too. Have not been able to reach Bruce Willis for his vote.

The PDF includes a colour legend, 2 strand floss estimates, 4 styles of charts (black and white symbols, coloured symbols, coloured blocks with black symbols, coloured blocks with black and white symbols, coloured blocks), and customization suggestions.

This pattern is NOT included in "ABIT Stitches: 30 Snarcastic Stitches for You to Stab."

All ABIT Stitches patterns have been quality tested. Registered Copyright 2022.


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