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ABIT Stitches

Ransom Note Magazine Letter Cut Out Font Sampler - Cross-Stitch Pattern for Serial Killers and Murderinos

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Hey Dateline Fans!

We're doing our best Keith Morrison impression to tell you ABIT's Ransom Note Magazine Letter Font for serial killers and murderinos is finally here!

We got a ton of requests for a full alphabet based on our flagship pattern "YOU'RE NEXT" [Click Here!] and we're so glad we listened! Isn't she killer?

With plenty of time for spooky season and Halloween crafts, this sampler includes everything you need to send out personalized loathe notes to your closest friends and enemies!


- Full alphabet, including alternates for RSTLNE and vowels for lots of variety!

- Numbers 0-9 and 7 characters (our favourite murderers are sticklers for punctuation!)

- Instructions on how to assemble the letters of this alphabet to stitch into all kinds of custom-made murderous words and phrases!

- A colour legend - though, the best thing about this pattern is the prime opportunity to use whatever chaotic combination of colours are available in your floss stash!

Not included:

The gruesome blood spatter is not part of the pattern - it's hand-dyed Aida from A Curious Twist on Etsy and we highly recommend it!

In Other News: We're using this sampler to host our first Stitch Along! The "Killer Font" SAL (#KillerSAL) starts on June 19th and runs through October 2nd for lots of time to finish and frame for Halloween. Order buy June 18th to get a bonus pattern using this font!


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