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ABIT Stitches

I Complete Me - My Crummy Valentines rejected candy conversation Heart inspired by Jerry Maguire Cross Stitch

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Have you ever rewatched a favourite movie that once made you go "Awwww" only to go "Gaaaaahhhh!!!! Please don't fall for Jerry Maguire's line, Renee Zellweger! You, Bonnie Hunt and that adorable kid who knows how much the human head weighs complete you!"?

No? Just us?

"I Complete Me" is classified as "Advanced" on the ABIT difficulty scale due to its density and scattered stitches.

So you can fully customize the patterns to your taste, the PDF includes colour legends for blue, green and pink, 2 strand floss estimates, and 4 styles of charts (black and white symbols, coloured symbols, coloured blocks with black symbols, coloured blocks with black and white symbols, coloured blocks).

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