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ABIT Stitches

High Insight is 4/20 - Funny Cannabis Culture Cross-Stitch Pattern

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Are you cool, man? Ever since I was knee high to a grass-toker, I’ve been a hippie. You’d think Roy was a hippy because of his hair, but he’s more like The Man. Total narc.

But he sure did do a nice job on the latest addition to our LOLidays collection! It’s groovy, man!

I’m paranoid just looking at it!

This pattern for Mary Jane lovers was inspired by the hippest stoner that ever was - Slater and his deep, deep thoughts.

This is the perfect cross-stitch design for fans of Dazed and Confused, Half-Baked, Jay and Silent Bob, Cheech and Chong… There sure are a lot of movies about weed culture!

Grab this far out pattern, a comfy chair, a lighter, some Snoop Dogg and get to stitchin’! And then get to froggin', because it’s hard to count when you’re high.

Check ya later!

“High Insight is 4/20” measures 5.25" x 3.75" and is categorized as "Intermediate on the ABIT difficulty scale due to its many colours and small details. It requires an 9" x 8" piece of 14ct Aida cloth and an 8" x 6" frame.

The PDF includes a colour legend, 2 strand floss estimates, 4 styles of charts (black and white symbols, coloured symbols, coloured blocks with black symbols, coloured blocks with black and white symbols, coloured blocks), and customization suggestions for anyone who likes to get extra creative.

This pattern is NOT included in "ABIT Stitches: 30 Snarcastic Stitches for You to Stab."

All ABIT Stitches patterns have been quality tested.


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