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Custom Quip Ransom Note Magazine-Letter Font Pattern Design

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The first trick to getting away with a murderous quip is to have someone else design it for you. Next, put on gloves and a mask before you stitch it, frame it and mail it from inside of an hermetically sealed bubble. The perfect crime for the crafty serial killer...I mean stitcher.

By popular demand, we're now offering custom-designed patterns using our Ransom Note Magazine-Letter font. Just think of all the spooktastic, creepy, ironic messages you can create and send to your friends and enemies! It's a true crime loving, murderino's dream.

Upon purchase, you'll download a handy tool to plan your message, including its layout. The tool offers you space to chart up to four 8.5" x 11" designs, and you can purchase the additional PDF patterns for $10 each. (Maximum of 3 per purchase.)


This pattern is ideal for shorter messages. Before buying this item, please review the provided images of the planning tool to see if your intended quip fits.

Once you decide on your message and layout, send us a quick pic of the completed tool and we'll carefully transform your creation and deliver it in a PDF with four different styles of charts (black and white symbols, coloured symbols, coloured blocks with black symbols, coloured blocks with black and white symbols, coloured blocks), a list of suggested DMC threads with stitch count, 14CT Aida cloth measurements, and a recommended frame size.

If you'd like to buy the Ransom Note Magazine Letter Font sampler instead, you can find it here: 


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