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ABIT Stitches

Always a Godmother, Never a God - Fairy-Inspired Funny Intermediate Cross-Stitch Pattern

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Godmothers are great - they give good presents, they have uncanny fashion sense, they can turn pumpkins into transportation.

But you know what's greater? Being an actual GOD.

You get all that awesome power and more but with the upside of never having to be at a another whiny princess's beck and call.

"I have nothing to wear.... my labour is being exploited... my step mother is the worst..."

When you're a God, you can just say, "Bippity, boppity, boo, you whore!"

Talk about wishing upon a star.

"Always a godmother, never a god" measures 10.25" x 7" and is categorized as "Intermediate" on the ABIT difficulty scale because of some of the finer details. It requires an 9" x 12" frame.

The PDF includes a colour legend, 2 strand floss estimates, 4 styles of charts (black and white symbols, coloured symbols, coloured blocks with black symbols, coloured blocks with black and white symbols, coloured blocks), and customization suggestions for anyone who likes to get extra creative.

This pattern is included in "ABIT Stitches: 30 Snarcastic Stitches for You to Stab" so if you'd rather buy all 30 patterns, grab the PDF here:

Print available here:

Every purchase of an ABIT PDF includes instructions on how to collect TWO more patterns!


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