We're ABIT Famous

Extra! Extra! Reeds All About it!

We here at ABIT Stitches have been throwing ourselves at the media and it was worth it - they like us, they really like us!
Ransom Note Magazine-Letter Font featured in XStitch Magazine's 'What the Actual Font?' section in their July 2022 issue.
ABIT Stitches Ranson Note Magazine Letter Font Featured in What the Font section of X Stitch Magazine's July 2022 Issue


Our popular 'Badass Mother Figure' pattern

featured in A Well-Lived House. (Also available as a kit!)

Our Etsy shop featured in

World of Cross-Stitching Magazine, Issue 307, Page 26.


My Crummy Valentine's Featured on Stitch ALL The Things Flosstube Channel.



My Crummy Valentine's Featured on

Black Ribbon Stitch Studio Flosstube.






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