Exactly Our Grandma's Cross-stitch!

ABIT Stitches is brought to you by siblings, Tara K. and Roy W. P. Reed. Combining Tara’s compulsive need to warp words and Roy’s artistic prowess, this collection of subversively witty, sassy, salty, punny and off-side quips has something for everyone!

More stuff than Tara's high school bra!



In the Reed family, the only way to get through the holidays... 

ABIT's Kits!

ABIT's Kits!

ABIT Stitches has everything you need to stitch your own diy finishes... 

  • 3D Printed Hoop Frames

    Download our free STL file and follow the easy instructions to make ABIT's 3D Printed Hoop Frames and display your finished masterpieces!

    You've been framed! 
  • To the Roy-scue!

    For stitching how-to's, alternate Aida and framing measurements, as well as care and framing instructions, check out our help section!

    ABIT of Help! 
  • In the News!

    We here at ABIT Stitches have been throwing ourselves at the media and we're developing quite a reputation...

    There's no such thing as bad press